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WELCOME TO Made In India Expo

An Exhibition Showcasing Products & Services that are Made in India.

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the global demand for Indian products and services at our extraordinary exhibition. Prepare to be spellbound as over 250 visionary businesses, manufacturers, exporters, traders and start-ups unveil their treasure trove of awe-inspiring creations. A dazzling array of 5000 products beckons, ready to enchant visitors and captivate buyers in the realm of B2B and B2C trade.

Made In India Expo

Show Highlights

Welcome to the "Made in India" Exhibition! Discover unparalleled craftsmanship, innovation, and cultural richness.

Experience India's finest heritage and contemporary excellence as international buyers and visitors witness the global demand for these creations.

Enjoy groundbreaking innovations and mesmerizing cultural performances in a celebration of India's vibrant spirit and entrepreneurial prowess.




28th, 29th & 30th of August 2023


09:00 AM to 09:00 PM

Our Speakers

Speakers Who Are Exparts
in Their Fields

Patrick Spencer

Softer Manager

Matthew White

Maxii's Manager

Michael Dover

Starbuck's CEO

Angelina Holy

Newyork Post's GM

Janet Jones

Maxii's Manager

Michael Dover

Starbuck's CEO

Jonathan Elves

Facebook's Co-Founder

Mike Michael

S&P Analyzer
Exhibition Schedule

Join the India’s Leading Exhibitors at Made In India Expo

Made In India Expo

Event Highlights


The agenda of this Expo is to provide the Ideal Trading, Sales and Information Platform for Indian Exhibitors to capture the canada Market.

Unmatched Business Opportunity

The expo offers unlimited opportunities for Small and Middle-Level Enterprises to step up in the market and will cater to both B2B and B2C models.

Develop International Partners

This trade exhibition will prove to be a meeting place for major buyers of canada as well as the neighboring countries.

Conference, Seminar &

Engage in lively discussions and Immerse yourself in a vibrant learning environment at our conference, seminar & exhibit section.

Dedicated Business & Trade Hours

Strategically devised show schedule to maximize the opportunity outputs.

Strategic Invitation & RSVP Process

Personal Invitation supported by RSVP to invite key audience to the expo.

Live Entertainment

Fun, Entertainment and live shows to keep the ambiance alive and exciting.

Supported by Business Associations

Industry Bodies on board to facilitate trade and business between targeted countries.

Supported by Business Associations

Industry Bodies on board to facilitate trade and business between targeted countries.


Celebrated, Respected, and Acclaimed Industry Leaders Applauded from across borders


Seamlessly executed event, curated with professional finesse and expertise.


Seamlessly executed event, curated with professional finesse and expertise.

Made In India Expo

Event USP’s

  1. Biggest Ever Trade and Business Expo with PAN India Presence
  2. 3 Days of Business and Trade Opportunity Arena
  3. Trade, Business & State specific Pavilions
  4. Participation of over 250 businesses, showcasing over 5000 products & services
  5. 5000+ B2B meetings and business conversations
  6. Business opportunities of 500+ Cr
Made In India Expo

Major Pavilions

Showcasing the best of the brands and designers, we help you choose the most amazing western couture for men and women. A wide range of evening dresses, denims, footwear and leather goods are available for a stylish lifestyle.
Apparels & Clothing’s
Check out some of the most appealing astrological signs, tarot cards, hands healing, palmistry, tea readings and more. Make use of the given opportunity to connect and increase your network with the professionals in the astrology and yoga industry.
Astrology & Yoga
Covering the areas of natural medicine and health care, have a look at the various Ayurvedic and Herbal products at the expo to find home remedies and natural skin care products for a healthy living and wellness.
Ayurveda & Herbal
Give a treat to your taste buds with the most lip-smacking Patisserie, brownies, croissants, bread, cakes and more! Along with that, you can have a look at the latest baking equipment, packaging machines & materials, mixers and baking ovens.
Bakery & Confectionery
Join one of the largest hub of business services, while making new contacts, creating new leads and renewing past professional relationships. It's a platform well prepared to tranform your start-up into a multinational corporation.
Business & financial Services
Drugs and medicines have become a crucial part of your life and cannot be left alone. We help you exhibit lab equipments, horticulture, pharmaceutical product and more. Apart from that, a pharmaceutical platform will help you construct a filtered network of industry professionals.
Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
The contemporary fashion and lifestyle industry has a lot to showcase, from lingerie to formal wear. Many fashion designers have started their own label and have created a name for themselves. Experience a hub of fashion and lifestyle, with brands offering you the latest trending apparel.
Fashion & lifestyle
The food and agriculture industry has been in the limelight since a long time regarding its unbeatable development. Such expos provide you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with specialist suppliers and compare a variety of manufacturing machinery.
Food Products & Technology
Everyone dreams of designing their home with the best of interiors and furniture. Be a part of a show, exhibiting quality Home Furnishings, Architecture & Designing, designer furniture and more to creat your home sweet home.
Furniture & Interiors
Jewelry, whether traditional or modern, always has been an important part of your lives, while precious gems are known to have a great visual, as well as monetary value. Be ready to mesmerised by the most beautiful designer gems and jewelry.
Gems & Jewelry
Taking care of your health is a daily ritual and there are a number of wellness and fitness products available for you. Get ready to be surrounded by nutritional shakes, essential oils, multivitamins and more to choose from.
Gym & Fitness
Whether you are a woman or a man, you need to make sure that your skin is rejuvinated and healthy. Experience a world of organic beauty products, natural face packs, organic make-up and much more to keep your skin glowing and nurtured.
Health & Beauty Products
Get ready to be surrounded by some of the most magnificent home decor items, home textiles and wall decor. Apart from that, you can start networking with the industry professionals, such as manufacturers, retailers and designers for any work in the future.
Home Furnishing & Textiles
IT and IT services expos open the door for the latest trends and information regarding technology that we were usually unable to open. This is an opportunity for you to explore fields like cloud computing, cyber security and more.
IT & IT enabled services
While you all must be taking the required care of your health, a slip up can take place. Medical tourism expos make you understand the need to travel for better medical treatments and recovery.
Medical Tourism
The music industry has evolved over the time, creating not only musical instruments like jazz guitars and drums but also recording equipment like CD, vinyl, DVDs and memorabilia. Join in an expo to check it out yourself, while connecting with the top professional musicians.
Music & Sporting Goods
Real estate investments are quite well-known and people tend to lean towards it for better returns. Have a look at some of the top real estate organisations to make the right choice and increase your network for future investments.
Real Estate, Architecture & Designs
As children, you must have owned a number of teddy bears, race cars, dolls, board games and more. Get ready to become a child once again by stepping into the world of toys and games and bring a smile on your child’s beautiful face in this toyland.
Toys & Games
When it comes to travelling, it’s all about being cost-effective while exploring the world. Travel and Tourism expos help you reach out to professionals and corporate travel planners showcasing adventure gears,eco-tourism resorts and financial planning for your travel bucket list.
Travel & Tourism
Balancing work and home can be tough and canusually increase the stress level in your body. You definitely deserve a relaxing time to stay healthy, wealthy and wise. Step into a world of healing stones, soothing massage oils, organic scrubs and more to rejuvenate yourself.
Wellness & Spa
Known for its shiny pearls and bronze works, Andhra Pradesh has a lot more to offer than just beauty. Be a part of a rich culture and traditional art at the expos which offer a wide variety of Kalamkari, Folk Paintings, Banjara embroidery and more, blended with a contemporary style.
Andhra Pradesh
Known to be the land of artistic craftsmanship, Arunachal Pradesh is home to weaving, pottery, basketry and wood carving. Decorate your home with its ornamental beauty and blend with its rich historical and cultural touch.
Arunachal Pradesh
The state of Assam is known for its Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts since generations. Apart from that, it is known for its magnificent pottery and Handloom Silk such as Muga, Eri and Pat. Be a part of its renowned cultural treasure and take pride in owning it.
Bangle making was formulated in the state of Bihar, leading to some of its most fascinating works. You can also explore other historical crafts of Bihar, such as Khatwa, stone works and last, but not the least, Madhubani Paintings.
The traditional bamboo work of Chhattisgarh has no competition. Along with that, the state is known for its metal crafts, wood crafts and folk wall paintings. One cannot miss their variety of ornaments, made up of gold, silver, bronze, beads and even feathers.
Known to be a blend of cultures and traditions, Goa has a lot to offer when it comes to aesthetic beauty. The Goan art includes exclusive carved rosewood and teak furniture, Laquerware, Crochet and more as a part of home furnishings.
The state of Gujarat has always been a home to age old handicrafts like Bandhani, Patchwork, Hand Painting, Hand Block Printing, Coir and even Namdah, with a fusion of contemporary style. Their cultural art has been a renowned treasure for display as home décor.
Haryana is an agricultural state with an artistic style which has been in existence since the Mughal times. The colourful Phulkaridupatta is adds to a woman’s glow, while Persian styled sculptures can become the perfect showpiece for your home.
Himachal is already a must visit state for its picturesque views and natural beauty. However, their art and crafts are not behind. Woodcraft and stone crafts are an important part of their culture, while their Pahari jewellery is every woman’s prized possession.
Himachal Pradesh
Pashmina shawls and Kasida embroidery were born in Jammu and Kashmir, making them a highly demanded textile work of the state. The unique Papier Mache are the best way to add a traditional touch to your home or office, with its magnificent designs and colours.
Jammu and Kashmir
Bamboo played a big role in the artisans’ life in Jharkhand when it came to art and crafts and helped them create baskets, hauntings and more. Along with that, their Paitkar Paintings are a gem, depicting life after death.
The state of Karnataka take great pride in its woodworks with detailed carvings which can be seen in all households. Their Mysore silk fabric has been popular since the times of Tipu Sultan. However, the Mysore Paintings have been the oldest form of art which are still widely known around the globe.
The cultural heritage of Kerala includes the fascinating woven and carved coconuts, Coir Carpets, Floor Mats and wall hangings, all influenced by the Dravidian and Aryan times. Polished coconut shells and coconut wood is used to make mesmerising trinkets, lamp stands and the list goes on.
The tribal Pithora Paintings have been a great decoration piece for homes since their formation. The finest and intricate Textile weaving can be seen in Maheshwari and ChanderiSarees, which have been a pride of most women.
Madhya Pradesh
You must have heard about the evergreen, hand-made KolhapuriChappals which are famous worldwide. Along with that, the Kolhapuri Jewellery is a Maharashtrian legacy, influenced by the Peshwa and Maratha dynasties. The tribal Warli Paintings are still considered a prized possession of the state.
Kauna is a type of reed used to create mats and cushions and are in demand by the local and international market. You can also find hand embroidered bed covers, tablecloths and sofa covers to add that cultural touch. The hand-made toys are made up of cloth, cotton clay and wood and are great as home décor pieces.
The tribes of Meghalaya have transformed their art and craft into a highly demanded professional art, creating Tlieng, colourful Dakbanda and other decorative pieces like sleeping mats, winnowing fans and more.
Mizoram’s tribal art involve intricate traditional designs which have existed through the ages. Explore their heritage with their ethereal cane and bamboo work, while choosing the masterpiece for your home.
Nagaland’s handicrafts have an unbelievable demand in the market, with detailed metal works, cane and bamboo baskets and skilled wood carvings. You can find a variety of showpieces to choose from for your home sweet home.
The ancient art of palm leaf writing of Odisha has survived through all these years, containing religious texts or horoscopes. Patachitra, Appliqué and carvings are some other age old crafts which can add some culture into a contemporary household.
Punjab’s art and crafts depict its joyful culture and traditions with creations like Pidhis, comfortable leather jootis, Durries, carpet weaving, Parandis and Phulkari. Embroidering textiles, such as durries, is a known art form of Punjab, with designs of birds and flowers on clothes.
The state of Rajasthan is a hub of art and crafts, such as tie and dyed sarees, dupattas, quilting and hand block printed motifs on cloth pieces. These are quite popular in the international market and are used as decorative pieces.
The land of scenic beauty, Sikkim is also known for its finest craftworks, such as hand woven woollen carpets, handmade paper, Woollen blankets and traditional motifs. Apart from that, you can opt for bags, shawls and jackets.
Tamil Nadu’s traditional is nothing like you might have seen before. It’s encrusted with stones and navratnas, with other jewellery pieces such as oddiyaanam, vanki and jimiki. Along with that, you can find some heavy anklets, gold coin necklace and silver anklets.
Tamil Nadu
Telangana’s art and crafts provide you a variety to choose from, such as Banjara Needle Crafts, Bidri Craft, Dokra Metal Crafts, Nirmal Arts, Bronze Castings and Lacquer Ware. Decorate you house with intricate embroidered crafts, setting it apart from the others.
Cane and Bamboo handicraftshave been an important part of the state’s heritage, along with furniture, table mats, lamp shades and more. You can find artistic home décor pieces like ceilings, panelingand plaques.
The Turko-Afghan rulers brought in crafts such as Zardozi and Chikankari embroidery, which have survived since the 12th century. Uttar Pradesh’s jewellery designs are too a unique piece, with semi-precious stones, artificial pearls and glass.
Uttar Pradesh
The snow-capped mountains of Uttarakhand aren’t the only beauty owned by the state. Along with art of wood carving, you can also explore its Mughal style of Paintings, traditional wall paintings and ornaments made up of gold, silver and copper.
The handlooms of West Bengal have been in business since generations, providing a variety of Jamdanis. While DaccaiJamdani is for celebrations, the other fabrics are TangailJamdani, Dhoneokali, Shantipuri and Begumpuri.
West Bengal
The Andaman and Nicobar islands are home to some of the most serene sea shell crafts, shell ornaments and Palm mats. Woodcrafts like canoes, furniture and marble wood show pieces are a treasure for decorating your house.
Andaman and Nicobar
Pottery is known to be the main craft of Chandigarh, with artists using mud or clay to create pot and sculptures for sale. Apart from that, Phulkari embroidery is quite famous among the locals and can be seen on sarees, dupattas, table cloths, sofa covers and more.
Leather goods, such as slippers are made by majority of the craftsmen of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, while bamboo mats and baskets are also crafted in here. Often you will see traditional motifs on these along with gold torpe grass.
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Daman and Du has been known since a long time for its craft of mat weaving with designer patterns and colours. Along with that, you cannot miss ivory carvings and tortoise shell crafts which become a perfect gift for a loved one.
Daman and Diu
The capital’s old yet surviving tradition of appealing blue pottery with a Persian touch is still in demand by many. Lac and glass jewellery crafting is further decorated with shiny beads, coated and tinted for a metallic chine.
As the island is home to all varieties of sea shells, shell crafting is an important art for the locals. These can be jewellery pieces for women, or attractive decoration pieces for your home.
Puducherry is a hub of all art and crafts with block printing as a crucial part of the industry. Pottery and papiermache is also a known art form for creation of décor showpieces. Along with that, mat weaving has also gained a lot of attention with its floral designs.
Made In India Expo


Corporate Visitors
Corporate Visitors
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Regular Participation


$5000 USD
  • 9 Sq. Mtr Booth
  • 1 Exhibitor Table
  • 2 Exhibitors Chairs
  • 1 Power Point
  • 1 Light
  • 1 Dustbin
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$9000 USD
  • 18 Sq. Mtr Booth
  • 2 Exhibitor Table
  • 4 Exhibitors Chairs
  • 2 Power Points
  • 2 Lights
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Sponsorship Participation

$20000 USD
  • 27 Sq. Mtr Booth
  • 3 Exhibitor Table
  • 6 Exhibitors Chairs
  • 2 Power Points
  • 3 Lights
  • 1 Dustbin
  • Brand Presence Selected Publicity Materials and Communications
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