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Made In India Expo

Discover the essence of Indian craftsmanship at 'Made in India' exhibition. Showcasing a diverse array of products and services, this expo highlights India's global prowess. With over 250 exhibitors presenting 5000 products, it's a platform for B2B and B2C trade.

Aimed at tapping into the targeted market, it fosters business alliances and sales opportunities. Don't miss the chance to explore India's finest offerings and forge valuable connections.

The expo offers unlimited opportunities for Small and Middle Level Enterprises to step up in the market and will cater to both B2B and B2C models.

Dedicated Business and Consumer Hours for the expo to facilitate the desired process and achieve Key Business Objectives for making Business Tie-ups and Associations along with Selling the Products and Services to Desired Consumers

This trade exhibition will prove to be a meeting place for major buyers of canada as well as the neighbouring countries.

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Show Producer

ShowMan Sphere

At the forefront of event production, we champion innovation and excellence, revered globally for orchestrating experiences that transcend norms.

With unwavering commitment, we propel clients towards their goals, ensuring sustainability and profitability. Our reputation, akin to a skilled artist's brush, vividly portrays boundless creativity and expertise. We architect immersive landscapes, where imagination flourishes.

Our brand epitomizes inspiration, emerging from relentless dedication and a pursuit of perfection. Join us on a journey where every event, meticulously curated, unveils endless possibilities, elevating aspirations to new heights.